ATM/Debit Card

To Report a Lost/Stolen ATM/Debit card, immediately call: (800) 523-4175. 

Instant Issue Debit Cards 

Enjoy the benefits of receiving a debit card the same day you open your account or replace a lost or stolen debit card with one visit to your nearest banking center location!

Debit Mastercard® 

With your debit card, purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account. Your debit card is accepted at millions of locations world wide wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. With your Debit MasterCard you are also able to get cash at thousands of ATM locations. 

Business Debit MasterCard® 

A business debit card provides a fast, convenient way to simplify making your business purchases. By using this special debit/ATM card you can: 

  • Track business expenses from your monthly statement
  • Avoid writing checks for items like supplies or gas
  • Withdraw funds fast

ATM Card 

Use your ATM card to make withdrawals, transfers or balance inquiries, 24 hours a day, at any of our three convenient, easy to use ATM locations. Use your card to make withdrawals and/or balance inquiries at thousands of ATM's across the country and around the world.

ATM Locations 

Click Here for ATM locations 

FAQS about your Debit MasterCard® 

How can I order a debit card?

You must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for a debit card and your account must be in good standing. You may stop by one of our banking centers to pick one up.

What is my daily dollar limit on my debit card?

When your card is issued, your maximum daily limit on your card is $1,000.00 

Can I replace my ATM card with a Debit MasterCard?
Yes. We can replace your ATM card with a debit card at no charge providing that your account is in good standing. Stop by and visit one of account representatives. 

How is a debit card different from my ATM card?

An ATM card is pin-based which means you are required to use your PIN number for transactions on the merchant’s keypad at the time of your purchase. Your debit card is pin-based and signature-based. Signature based transactions are usually where your card is swiped through the terminal and you must sign a transaction receipt. Your options are different depending on the retailer. Signature based transactions are most common at restaurants and department stores. If you select “credit”, you will sign a receipt to authorize your purchase. If you select Debit or ATM, you will need to use your PIN. Remember, if your debit card is stolen, they do not need to have the pin number in order to make purchases on your card.

Does our bank charge a transaction fee?

We do not charge a fee for point of sale purchases. However, you may encounter a fee if you use your card to get cash at an ATM other than Crossroads Bank owned locations. 

What are some reasons why my card may exceed its daily limit without actually exceeding it?

On occasion, it may take several days for the actual purchase to replace the pending transaction. The pending transaction will reduce your available balance. An example is at a hotel. The hotel amount may cost you $500 for a 3-night stay. The hotel will get a pre-authorization for the amount and possibly more for incidentals and block the availability of this amount until your check out date. If you have a $500 limit, the hotels limit amount of $500 will carry over everyday until you check out and sends over the actual purchase amount to process. This can also be the same case scenario for cruise lines and car rental companies.

How does a pay-at-the-gas-pump transaction work?

When you swipe your card at the pump, the station request an authorization to confirm that your account is open and active. Authorization amounts are usually set at $1.00. Sometimes, these limits may be set as much at $50 or higher when gas prices are high.

What if I don’t agree with a transaction or want to “stop” payment on a purchase with my card?

A purchase on your debit card cannot be stopped once the retailer has received authorization approval. However, if you have a return most merchants will give you credit as a POS reversal. If the merchant refuses to give you a refund, you may dispute the transaction and fill out the appropriate forms at any of our banking centers. We will in turn give you provisional credit until we receive notice that the dispute was resolved or denied. If the credit is denied, any provisional credit given may be reversed.

What should I do if I have unauthorized transactions on my account?

Please contact us immediately if you notice unauthorized transactions on your account at 800-523-4175 or visit one of our banking center locations.